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Due to retirement, all sales from the yard will cease on 31st October 2018, including Calor Gas sales. Remaining stock will be cleared via our Ebay shop. Please ring or email for stock availability.

Examples of caravans we are breakingWe dismantle caravans at our premises. All parts are cleaned, tested and repaired (if necessary) and shelved. We do not permit customers to dismantle parts themselves. We do not break any caravans that are over 20 years old.

Many parts can be used for Motorhome and Horsebox conversions, and a few are suitable for Boats.

Examples of caravans we are breakingPlease remember that if you require a part for a caravan that is under 8 years old, it is unlikely that there will be any body panels/windows available secondhand, however, parts for appliances and many interior fittings are standard parts which are used in many different caravans over a period of time. We are happy to offer advice if you are not sure what you require.


Used windowsOne of the things we are asked for most often are double glazed plastic windows. If you wish to check whether we have a window in stock, please tell us the height and width of the window along with the make, model and age of the caravan that it is for. If it is a window from the side of the caravan, and is wider at the bottom than the top, please measure the width at the top, and also at the widest part at the bottom. If the window bears a makers name (such as Polyplastic, Planet etc), please tell us this, and also the colour (which is usually described as “Roxite 90” or similar).


We always have a range of chassis available, suitable for making your own trailer.


We test fridges, water heaters, ovens etc before putting them on sale. If necessary they are fitted with new parts. We provide fitting/operating instructions, and can sell you the necessary pipe work and connections to ensure that you have everything you need for installation. Please note that gas appliances should be installed by a gas competent person.

Two 2nd hand fridgesMotorhome/Horsebox conversions

If you are converting a van into a motorhome, or putting living accommodation into a horsebox, you may require kitchen carcasses, bunk bases, washroom compartments, chests and so forth. Because we dismantle our caravans piece by piece indoors, we can remove furniture in an undamaged condition so that you can achieve a high standard of finish to your interiors.

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